Living With Passion

Dawn has developed her own empowering and highly motivational one-day workshop, titled “Living With Passion”.  This totally awesome and inspirational workshop will bring you clear understanding, truly change your life and teach you how you can live with absolute joy and passion!

Here are a few of the topics covered during the workshop:

  • Establish a winning attitude!
  • Discover what your passion is!
  • Review your value system!
  • Decide which .... fear or freedom?
  • Strengthen our minds & belief systems!
  • Learn how to live your dream life!

Call Dawn on 071 869 7469 to obtain the next workshop date.


Lalita writes...

Thoroughly enjoyed the course! Found it very informative. We were given a lot of tools to use each day. Dawn is a good lecturer and was able to share a lot of information with us. I know that I will practice what has been taught to me today.


P.K. writes...

My cousin, Lalita, invited me to attend the course with her. It is the first time I have attended such a course and found it very inspirational and eye opening. Never knew that negativity including negative thoughts could affect my life. Learnt that thinking positive and acting positive could influence my life. Learning that the universe has so much to offer me, I only need to ask.


Paula writes...

The course was very inspirational and motivating. Learnt a lot about different issues that will help in my life decisions. Also very interesting and in a very relaxing environment.

Thank you.


R.L. writes...

Heard about the workshop through my step mom. Enjoyed it. I have a long life in front of me and can go through it with motivation and guidance through this day. I also realize that I have fears and it will make me stop having fear that are blocks in my life.


Lia writes...

Thank you for your motivational words and very empowering workshop of yesterday. You most certainly connected all the dots for me yesterday and it's been an overwhelming experience for me to realize how all the experiences in life have prepared me for the mammoth task which lies ahead of me. Knowing one's purpose also sets one free knowing that current circumstances are only temporary helps us get through the now knowing there's a real purpose behind it for the future and it's needed in order to prepare us and make us stronger. I can't thank you enough for helping me along my path and for showing me the way.