Angel Inspiration

It is time for change. Divine discontent is entering people’s hearts. The mass consciousness on Earth is changing so that people are no longer satisfied with need and greed. We want a better way of living.

Relationships have been based on need and desire for control, success measured by material gain and possessions. Predominant emotions have been anger, hurt and fear because people have been focused on physical and sexual sensation.

When people take themselves too seriously they are critical and judgmental of themselves and others. Many feel tense and out of control. Often people feel that they have to justify their existence or prove their superiority so that life becomes a power struggle and disharmony prevails.

When we follow the spiritual laws we are able to reach enlightenment. We experience a feeling of oneness and live in love, compassion and trust. We become masters, following our own guidance and not allowing ourselves to be deflected by anyone else. Our greatest joy is to serve humanity and the Universe.

This is heaven on Earth. Life becomes joyous, peaceful and harmonious. We co-operate with and empower others. We let go of our ego desires and live for the Divine.

Did you know that we are never alone? Everyone has their own guardian angel, who is always there to help and protect us. These divine messengers are always waiting in the wings ready to help us with any difficulty – all we need to do is simply ask! Nothing is too large or too small. The angels will help you to bring new and better things into your life.

Why not join one of our weekend Angel Workshops and learn how to work with the Ascended Masters, the Goddesses, the Archangels and more.

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