History of Soul Direction

Soul Direction was founded during 2002 by Dawn Carter. At the time she was living on a beautiful farm in the KZN Midlands area, and realized that there was a huge need within the area for people to get in touch with their inner-selves. And so, together with her daughter, they built a huge labyrinth on the property, which was open to visitors to walk at any time. The peaceful ambiance and energy of this labyrinth provided many visitors over the years with clarity or perhaps solutions to problematic areas in their lives that they were struggling with. Many found clarity later during the personal sharing time that usually took place after their walk up at the country restaurant on the farm that Dawn had established and managed with her daughter.

Over the years, Dawn has studied N.L.P. and also completed numerous courses by great teachers such as John Demartini, Robin Sharma, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and many others. During 2009, Dawn developed her own empowering and highly motivational one-day workshop, known as “Living With Passion!” Her relaxed but structured and informative style, leave you with the practical tools and inspiration on how you can expand your personal awareness and come to understand your own magnificent potential!

As a highly motivated, dynamic, hands-on entrepreneur, Dawn has been a training consultant within the hospitality and service industry since 1981, for both local and international establishments. During the year 2000 she was nominated as a finalist for Educator & Business Woman of the Year.

However, after initiating numerous successful business ventures over the years, Dawn is currently a practicing Lifestyle Coach, an Aura-Soma Consultant and an Inspirational Speaker.

Dawn says, “My life mission is to teach people how to discover their life purpose and live an harmonious lifestyle with love and passion!” We forget that our lifestyles play a major role in maintaining or destroying our health!

As an Aura-Soma® Consultant, Dawn explains the importance of colour in all or lives. Colour is a key ingredient in how we form our feelings toward something, and that these colour energies represent more than we may realize. The Aura-Soma® Colour-Care-System® has been developed to capture these colour energies at a profound level and to use them as a tool to discover more about the essence of who we are. In the past, people have relied on others to tell them what to do and what they need. The Aura-Soma® system could empower you to make these decisions for yourself.

Reading Angel Cards is another gift that Dawn shares with anyone needing assistance with business decisions, relationships, finances, health matters, one’s life path and more.